What We Offer

Based on our commitment to help our district multiply disciple-making, transformational churches among all people, we will focus our efforts on three objectives: Leader health, church growth and multiplication.


Leader Health

  • Entry to EFCA Credentialing Process
  • Peer Support
    • Cluster meetings
    • Online communities on Facebook
    • Ministry partnerships
  • Consulting for ministry challenges
  • Networking opportunities to learn from other leaders doing like-minded ministry
  • Professional and confidential counseling for pastors, leaders and spouses through the ministry of Jerry Evens of Liberated Living Counseling Services
  • Spiritual formation retreats for leaders and spouses
  • Seminars and conferences


 Church Growth

  • Transition-coaching for pastors and their leadership teams
  • Crisis and conflict management assistance
  • Church Revitalization Partnerships
  • “Church Without Walls” Training
  • Missional ministry coaching to help churches think more intentionally about living out the mission of being disciple-making communities
  • Online ministry communities to help with specific areas such as students and kids ministries, music, women’s, etc.



  •  Plan 
    • The Eastern District targets six states and the District of Columbia (Eastern New York, New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia) to fulfill the Great Commission mandate to make disciples among all peoples. Comprised of four of the major urban centers in our country (New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C.) as well as significant suburban and rural areas, the Eastern District has approximately 43 million people to reach. Currently, approximately one percent of this population attends EFCA congregations in the District. There is plenty of room for growth through starting new churches. Given our location, it is possible to target and plant healthy, reproducing churches among the many people groups from around the globe who have found their way to our doorsteps.
  • Prayer
    • Please pray for us as we build a new church planting team who will work toward the best possible way of implementing a strategy for these plants.

To get help with any of these resources, please contact the district office.