Questions to Ask a Commercial Concrete Contractor

One of the most commonly utilized materials for both commercial and residential properties in the US is concrete. In previous years, reports show that the United States has utilized around 1000 metric tons of concrete.

Of course, it is quite obvious why concrete is very well-known. It’s a durable material that will offer hard and smooth surfaces when maintained properly.

There are a lot of reasons why businesses should use concrete. This includes loading docks, foundations, and parking lots. You will also have to work with a professional concrete contractor if you’ve got to repave or pave an area at your business.

However, before you hire concrete contractors Oahu, it’s vital to get answers to some important questions. This includes:

Do You Have References from Previous Customers?

Talking to other business who hired that contractor is the ideal way to know the quality of work of a contractor. Oftentimes, people who are living with the work of that contractor will be honest about the quality that they obtained.

You should ask the contractor for a list of present and previous customers who have had work done the same as your project. It is crucial to talk to a client that hired the contractor for the same job since this will offer you a better idea about their particular abilities.

Then, you should also ask the clients a couple of particular questions once you’ve got the chance to talk to them. For example, you can ask them whether the contractor followed the agreed budget and timeline.

What Warranties and Guarantees Come with Your Work?

On almost every occasion, the work that the contractor offers will appear great the day they finish the job. However, the vital thing to consider is the project’s quality over time. Of course, you do not want a project that was improperly done when big cracks begin appearing in the pavement.

You’ve got to ensure you ask the contractor about what warranties and guarantees they offer. This will help protect yourself against poor workmanship. A reliable contractor will offer a written warranty for the project.

Do You Have Bonding, Insurance, and License?

Before you work with a commercial concrete contractor, it is extremely crucial that you ask this question. You should not think about hiring the contractor if the answer to this question is no.

All states have various requirements for licensing. The licensure of a contractor guarantees that every employee has the needed training, apprenticeships, and education for the job that they do. Also, you have to ensure that the licenses are updated.

Furthermore, you want to ensure that the contractor you’re working with has liability insurance. If there is damage to your property during the project, this will protect you. Aside from that, it will also cover any injuries incurred during the process.

Lastly, another type of insurance that you have to consider is bonding. You’ll be protected if the contractor doesn’t finish the job or else meet their financial responsibilities. Make sure the concrete contractor has all of these requirements.