A connection to our movement across the nation and world. 


All People Initiative

EFCA team committed to reach across cultural, language and generational barriers.


Immigrant Hope

Ministry committed to helping immigrants and refugees.


Camp Orchard Hill

Committed to using the camp ministry to introduce people to Christ and help disciples grow in their relationship with Him.


Dorcas Ministries

A ministry located in Brooklyn, NY committed to a holistic approach to helping the thousands of Chinese living in NYC.


Christian Investors Financial

Providing investors with investment options and churches with loans and services to grow God’s kingdom.

FCMM Benefits and Retirement

FCMM exists to enable pastors, staff members, and missionaries to serve Christ throughout their lives by assisting employing ministry organizations in providing retirement and other benefits.


Nextstep Resources

Supplies ministry resources to pastors, churches, and individuals; and publishes and distributes books of interest to the EFCA.


This recommendation is based on the opinion of the EDA.  These ministries are not under the EDA supervision or authority and the EDA disavows any responsibility for their actions or omissions.